Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi: Logistics Expert

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi is a highly qualified corporate accountant within in the field of business finance services. Although he currently works and resides within the United States of America, he was born, raised, and educated within a country called the Republic of Benin. The Republic of Benin is a small country on the coast of West Africa bordered by Nigeria, Togo, Burkina Faso, and Niger. Consisting of about 10 million citizens, the country itself is relatively small in comparison to its neighboring countries and the rest of the massive continent.

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi

Before moving to the United States, Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi received his Bachelor of Arts degree and his Master’s degree in audit and corporate finance in his native country of Benin. Now, he works as a corporate accountant and businessman for Global Work LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to his work as an accountant, Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi also owns and operates his logistical company that he established in 2010. The company is called Blessing Logistics and is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company specializes in shipping large freights, motor vehicles, and household goods.

Though it may seem easy to the outside observer, Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi explains that the logistics business is actually very stressful and demanding. Some clients simply want to find the best shipping company with the most competitive rates, but the majority of customers have special orders and needs that require additional costs due to shipping restraints. All shipments, no matter the difficulty, are time sensitive and, as a result, the clock is always ticking.



About Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi is employed by Global Works, LLC, where he works as an accountant. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but was born and raised in Benin, a small country in West Africa. Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi also has a small car shipping and transport business called Blessing Logistics, which is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to motor vehicles, the company also ships general freight.
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