Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi: Accountant and Small Business Owner

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi is a highly qualified, highly trained accountant working within the field of corporate finance. He currently lives and works in Atlanta; Georgia for a company called Global Work LLC as a finance accountant. Although he currently lives within the United States, he is a native to a small country off the coast of West Africa called the Republic of Benin. The country is relatively small in regards to the surrounding territories of Niger, Nigeria, Togo, and Burkina Faso. The country currently consists of around 10 million citizens mostly centered near the city of Cotonou that serves as the country’s major port.

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi

 Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi pursued his education in the Republic of Benin before migrating to the United States and beginning what was to be a successful career in corporate finance. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in audit and corporate finance and later earned his Master’s degree in the same field. Having migrated to the United States, Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi has become an experienced corporate accountant and a successful businessman in the realm of financial business services. In addition to his success as an accountant, he also owns and operates his own logistical business called Blessing Logistics based out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi established Blessing Logistics in 2010, and it has been a growing success ever since. The transport company specializes in shipping motor vehicles, large freight, and standard household goods. Although many assume that the shipping business isn’t all that complicated, Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi explains that it’s exactly the opposite. He says that shipping is demanding and stressful job to the large number of special orders that clients request. It is not often that a client is looking for a simple shipment delivered in an easy amount of time.


About Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi is employed by Global Works, LLC, where he works as an accountant. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but was born and raised in Benin, a small country in West Africa. Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi also has a small car shipping and transport business called Blessing Logistics, which is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to motor vehicles, the company also ships general freight.
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