Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi: Maintaining Good Client Relationships

Managing client relationships is an essential requirement for any business to excel. As a business owner, Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi knows all about the importance of developing and maintaining good client relationships. Since he established his logistical company in 2010, Olabyi Aures has worked hard to ensure clients are always pleased with the level of service offered to them. As a business that ships large freights, household goods, and motor vehicles, Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi knows he has to deliver consistently for clients to come back. He offers tips on how businesses can maintain good relationships with clients.

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi

Constant communication

Clients love to be kept in the loop on any new developments, says Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi. In his line of business, springing last-minute surprises of shipment progress to clients can be very costly if not damaging to his reputation. Regardless of industry, Olabyi Aures continues, clients will highly appreciate it if you let them know what’s going on with their order, shipment or account.

Keep your word

There’s that old yarn about talk being cheap, and for the most part it is true. For sure, clients will appreciate being kept updated, but what they will love even more is you coming through on your promises. Always deliver, says Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi. And if possible, exceed their expectations in your delivery. There’s no better way to build a solid client business relationship by demonstrating you have the capacity and willingness to back up your claims of service delivery.


About Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi is employed by Global Works, LLC, where he works as an accountant. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but was born and raised in Benin, a small country in West Africa. Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi also has a small car shipping and transport business called Blessing Logistics, which is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to motor vehicles, the company also ships general freight.
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