Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi: Working in the US

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi is a highly trained corporate finance expert who works in Atlanta, Georgia for Global Work LLC. As an accountant for the firm, his work mainly revolves around keeping financial records accurate and updated, in addition to preparing statements of the company’s financial position to aid decision-making. It is a position that he loves and that has provided an opportunity for him to establish a logistics company, Blessings Logistics that is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. For Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi, life is going well.

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi

Although he currently resides and works in the United States, Olabyi Aures was born in the small West African state of the Republic of Benin. It was here that he pursued his education in audit and corporate finance. He didn’t move to the US until he completed his master’s degree, after which he landed a job with Global Work LLC. He was fortunate, as the company hires well-educated migrants from foreign countries. To his credit, Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi is also intelligent and hardworking, and within months of starting, he showed passion and determination to be the best.

However, he has had to adjust to living in the United States. When he moved to the States, he had to adjust to the food, culture and people. It’s common for migrants to take a while to adjust in their new homes, and Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi had to go through the same learning curve. He could speak English fluently though, which aided his integration into American culture quite easily.


About Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi

Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi is employed by Global Works, LLC, where he works as an accountant. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but was born and raised in Benin, a small country in West Africa. Olabyi Aures Oba Chabi also has a small car shipping and transport business called Blessing Logistics, which is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to motor vehicles, the company also ships general freight.
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